Gintama Arcs

Gintama Arcs

List of Gintama Arcs

This is a guide to help find a specific arc. Even if it sounds boring or ridiculous, you should still check it out! A lot more happens than what the descriptions suggest.

The anime-ordered list contains stories that took at least 2 episodes.

Looking for the Manga order?

Memory Loss

Chapters 50-52
Episodes 31-32

Gintoki gets into an accident while going out to buy JUMP, losing his memories in the process. Shinpachi and Kagura try to help him remember who he is, but will they succeed…?

Train Samurai

Chapters 85-86
Episodes 34-35

Cat ears are the rage in the Otsu Fanclub, but Shinpachi won’t take it. That is, until he helps a girl in trouble on the train, who wants to date him in return. Parodies the Train Man incident.


Chapters 57-64
Episodes 40-43

An alien has escaped to Earth, and the Legendary Space Sweeper Umibozu has arrived to eliminate it. Kagura seems to know who he is…

Infant Strife

Chapters 77-80
Episodes 51-52

Gintoki finds a baby left outside the Yorozuya. The baby’s hair and eyes closely resemble our idiotic samurai… but Gintoki knows nothing! Does the child really belong to him!?


Chapters 104-106
Episodes 54-55

A mother wakes up the Yorozuya, requesting help to find her son who might’ve gotten into some trouble. With only a photo and a name, these clues lead them to Kabukicho’s Host Club.


Chapters 89-97
Episodes 58-61

Tsujigiri has targeted Katsura. Elizabeth’s come to ask for help, while Gintoki accepts a job from a blacksmith to recover a katana for them. Somehow, even Takasugi’s involved…?


Chapters 140-146
Episodes 69-71

While throwing out garbage, Gintoki discovers a talking severed head that is revealed to be a part of a robotic maid. It’s a part of some project, and there are others seeking to obtain it.


Chapters 110-123
Episodes 76-81

Kondo is being put through an arranged marriage… to a gorilla!? The Shinsengumi are pleading to Otae for help, but an old friend of Otae’s returns to claim her as his bride instead…

Hardboiled Detective

Chapters 135-137
Episodes 84-85

A detective (who considers himself “hardboiled”) and his apprentice have been trying to catch an elusive thief for a long time. Here comes the Yorozuya to help!

Okita Mitsuba

Chapters 129-132
Episodes 86-87

Sogo’s motherly sister comes to visit and tells him she’s finally getting married even though she’s in poor health. But Hijikata finds out that her fianceé might be involved with something…

Hasegawa Prosecution

Chapters 153-155
Episodes 94-95

Hasegawa phones Hatsu about his new job and wishes to live together again, but he hears another man and Hatsu is forced to hang up. Hasegawa gets into some trouble and is arrested…


Chapters 147-149
Episodes 98-99

The OWee game console is releasing and the line-ups are huge. The Yorozuya and the Shinsengumi have their own reasons for buying one, but stocks are limited. Parodies the Nintendo Wii.

Shinsengumi Crisis

Chapters 158-168
Episodes 101-105

Hijikata receives a cursed sword that causes him to act strangely, putting his position in danger. Ito returns to the Shinsengumi to push it forward, but Hijikata suspects something’s wrong.

Guardian Dog

Chapters 184-186
Episodes 107-108

yakuza group asks the Yorozuya to get the boss’s son out of the warehouse where he has been hiding for years. The boss just wants to see him, knowing there is little time left…


Chapters 174-182
Episodes 115-118

While on watching duty at the beach, the Yorozuya helps a turtle Amanto, and in return he offers to take them to the Palace of the Dragon God, Ryugujo. Parodies Urashima Taro.

Monkey Hunter

Chapters 189-192
Episodes 121-123

The TV’s talking about alien abduction and Shinpachi finds out that he’s a victim. Recalling that the aliens were fans of a PSP game, they’re off to find them! Parodies Monster Hunter.


Chapters 203-206
Episodes 126-128

After telling the Otsu Fanclub that the only girl for them is Otsu, Shinpachi receives a letter in a bottle asking him if it was fate that brought them together. What to do? Reply back!


Chapters 207-209
Episodes 129-130

There isn’t much time for Kintaro and his owner, but they are forced to be apart. Kagura and Katsura overhears and wants to help reunite them. But there’s more to it than they realize…!

Ghost Ryokan

Chapters 196-201
Episodes 131-134

Otose gives the gang a break and sends them to the mountains to enjoy an inn that belongs to an old friend. But isn’t it a little… haunted? And the bus isn’t coming back anytime soon…

Yoshiwara in Flames

Chapters 210-228
Episodes 139-146

Yoshiwara is an underground red-light district governed by different laws. Gintoki bumps into a pickpocketing kid who needs money to buy a woman who he thinks is his mother…

Shinsengumi Death Game

Chapters 233-235
Episodes 148-149

Hijikata and Sogo wake up to find out they’re involved in a game where they have 72 hours to decide: sacrifice the other to save the Shinsengumi HQ from a bomb or let it explode?


Chapters 231-232
Episodes 151-152

Gintoki goes for a haircut at a barber. While waiting, Kagura tells the barber that he’s missing a volume of manga, causing him to dash out to buy it. Who will take care of the shop now?


Chapters 239-245
Episodes 157-163

Otsu announces a competition to be her official fanclub, and at the same time Shinpachi’s members are leaving for another fanclub. The rivaling fanclub appears to be lead by… Tosshi?

Tama Quest

Chapters 247-251
Episodes 167-170

Red Spider

Chapters 254-262
Episodes 177-181

With Yoshiwara liberated, crime has increased. Illegal trades are being made. Tsukuyo has only one lead to an entity behind it: a spider tattoo. Gintoki and the others return to Yoshiwara.

Popularity Contest

Chapters 265-268
Episodes 182-184

After the second character poll, some characters aren’t taking the results very well. There’s someone out there who wants to alter the results by taking out the higher-ranked characters!


Chapters 270-272
Episodes 186-187

Okita is attacked by a girl who claims that her father was murdered by him during the Rokkaku massacre years ago. The incident is brought back to the surface to find the truth.

Kabukicho Stray Cat

Chapters 275-279
Episodes 190-192

A lot of wild cats are roaming the streets, so the Yorozuya is on the lookout for Kabukicho’s top cat, Hoichi. While they secretly watch, Gintoki suddenly disappears without a trace…

Diviner (Onmyoji)

Chapters 282-289
Episodes 195-199

Ketsuno Ana has been giving many wrong weather forecasts. The media is angry. Though she’s sad, all she can do is smile. Gintoki bumps into her and is determined to help his goddess!


Chapters 290-292
Episodes 200-201

Kagura writes a letter to her father and also ends up asking why Santa never visits. Umibozu takes some time off to surprise her as Santa, but he isn’t the only one!

2 Years Later

Chapters 324-326
Episodes 202-203

After Gintama went on hiatus for a week due to certain circumstances, Shinpachi goes back to work at the Yorozuya, but what awaited him was a world where 2 years have passed. Gintoki, Kagura, and every other person has changed!


Chapters 318-321
Episodes 207-208

When Sacchan’s glasses are accidentally broken by Gintoki, she happily accepts a random pair from him that doesn’t help. After failing her tasks, Zenzo warns her of the ruthless Shimatsuya.

Kabukicho Four Devas

Chapters 297-309
Episodes 210-214

A young girl aspires to become Gin-san’s underling. Upon her appearance, the brittle balance between Kabukicho’s four great powers breaks and the town enters a war! And Otose herself is in crisis!?


Chapters 314-315
Episodes 221-222

The Yagyu family is ordered to train a mischievous pet monkey for the shogun’s relative. But there’s one problem first: the monkey doesn’t seem to have a name yet.


Chapters 340-342
Episodes 225-226

In a place that offers “Jail Play” entertainment, the Yorozuya are asked to apprehend a non-paying pervert. But doing such a thing somehow lands Gintoki a place in the slammers!

Love Choriss

Chapters 347-350
Episodes 228-229

Did Shinpachi finally score a girlfriend? Or did Shinpachi walk into a dream that he needs to be waken out of?


Chapters 353-360
Episodes 232-236

A message saying “Please don’t look for me” was left behind in Elizabeth’s room. Katsura and Gintoki work together, but the mystery around Elizabeth’s origin only continues to thicken…
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Chapters 344-346
Episodes 237-238

The Shinsengumi are stuck with a vacation, but the true purpose behind it was to be the Shogun’s escorts for his ski trip. At the very place, they bump heads with the Yorozuya, and as you may have guessed, trouble arises for the party in the world of snow!


Chapters 336-339
Episodes 239-240

“Let’s drink away the year’s woes at the Year-End party! The next morning, Gin-san wakes up with a hangover and finds himself in a… strange bedroom… Has Gin-san made an error in a single night with 6 familiar faces!? An unprecedented scandal comes to light.

Host Club

Chapters 362-364
Episodes 241-242

Kyoshiro has already called it quits knowing that a return visit of a mysterious lady spelled disaster for Kabukicho. To fight back and take her down, the best hosts of the town are here!

Thorny (Baragaki)

Chapters 365-370
Episodes 244-247

A dimwitted son of a noble family becomes Hijikata’s page and someone the Shinsengumi has to look after. His older brother who is the chief of the Mimawarigumi, an elite police force, gets in a dispute with Hijikata. Is there something that chief is up to?


Chapters 372-380
Episodes 253-256

In Edo, the Yorozuya is run by a blond straight-haired man overflowing with a chivalrous spirit named Sakata Kintoki. With him are his adoring followers, Shinpachi & Kagura. One day, a wavy-haired guy named Sakata Gintoki appears claiming to be the main character!?

Courtesan of a Nation (Ikkoku Keisei)

Chapters 386-399
Episodes 257-261

The legendary courtesan, Suzuran. Though she has little time left, she continues to wait. In their search for the one customer who pledged love with her in the past, Gintoki and company obtain information that the customer is the previous Shogun…

School of Beam Saber

Chapters 403-410
Episodes 262-264

Moving towards reviving the dojo that her father left behind, Otae reunites with a former instructor who had previously gone missing. But is this person, who mastered a new sci-fi sword style, hiding a grave secret that can affect the Earth’s existence!?
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